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Collaborative knowledge by the Charity Labs members.

Six steps to running a campaign

  • STEP ONE: Ask yourselves why you need to have a campaign What are you concerned about? What needs to change? Why hasn’t change happened already? How would communicating with a wider public help?
  • STEP TWO: Decide on your target audience(s) for the campaign – be specific Who is most likely to respond to the issue? Who do you want to be involved? You must know your target audience really well. What media do they read/watch/listen to? What are they enthusiastic about? What styles and approaches would they respond to? What would alienate them?
  • STEP THREE: Develop your message Remember this is a campaign not an exercise in education. Communicate one message only. Be straightforward and simple. Start from where your audience is, don’t assume they know anything about the issue. All issues are complex but your campaign must not be. Complexity demotivates people, makes them confused and reduces their willingness to listen to what you are saying. A good picture is worth a thousand words.
  • STEP FOUR: Design, plan, and timetable and budget for your campaign activities. You need to have clear objectives and know exactly what you are going to do from the start. Are there any volunteers who could help you with campaign activities? Would any businesses sponsor you by providing services?
  • STEP FIVE: Before you launch your campaign, inform other NGOs and civil groups about it. Ask them if they would like to join.
  • STEP SIX: Establish a way of recording the names and addresses of campaign supporters. If resources permit, provide them with feedback as the campaign progresses – this will maintain their enthusiasm and interest and allow you to call on them for further support in the future.