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The Sacred Cow

Five charity campaigns you’ve never heard of

June 5th, 2015

Hot on the heels of uncovering the five worst charity jobs, the team at Charities Research and Perception (C.R.A.P) have uncovered five charity campaigns that you’re unlikely to have heard of. If you want to learn how to make your campaign stand out more than the ones below, you can watch the Charity Labs video on campaigning.

  1. Three Bags and You’re Out – Run by the organisation ‘waste not want not’, this campaign is currently lobbying legislators to implement a three strike rule leading to jail for anyone repeatedly buying and not eating bagged salad.
  2. Action against Subtraction – Campaigners from Action against Subtraction are working to have maths subtracted from the curriculum. Campaigners believe that the reason Australia’s young people are slipping behind in maths is that it is simply way too difficult. James Gamble, Head of Campaigns, said: “It’s easy to point the finger at individuals or the education system, but the real problem is with maths itself. It’s like a foreign language or something. Seriously, have you tried it lately? Go and attempt a sum. I guarantee you will give up. And don’t even get me started on Science”
  3. Beer today, gone tomorrow – In effort to get people to actually care about climate change, campaigners are highlighting that a changing climate may limit beer production due to a reduction in malted barley. However, the campaign doesn’t always hit the mark. Leigh Smith, from Brookvale, said “Will this limit the ability of my father in law to brew his own beer, discuss brewing his own beer, boast about his talent for brewing beer, and harangue me into trying his beer? Because if does, climate change could be a good thing.”
  4. Viral Overload – This campaign, managed by the organisation Anti-Viral Network, is working to stop people making viral videos so we can all get some work done. According to John Flatt-Gordon, Head of Programs at AVN, “this is a real problem and there’s no simple fix as viral videos just kind of happen because there a lot of people who like watching shit on the internet”
  5. Speak the Queen’s – Tired of years of abuse of the English language this campaign is encouraging people to speak proper English. Campaign Director Haylie Holly, said “I can understand that language is evolving, and even that some people are happy using the word pacific when they mean specific, but the one thing that really gets on my tits is when people confuse ambiance and atmosphere. So just to clarify, ambiance is a night out without poor people; when poor people are there it’s called an atmosphere”